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Professional and high quality mold release agent, PU paste and pigment, curing agent and shoe sole paint.

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Effective and high performance mold release agent, PU paste and pigment, curing agent, shoe sole paint and more.

Release Agent

HuageChemical Release Agent

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PU Paste & Pigment

HuageChemical PU Paste & Pigment

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Curing Agent

HuageChemical Curing Agent

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Shoe Sole Paint

HuageChemical Shoe Sole Paint

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A Leading Mold Release Agent Supplier

Foshan Shi HuaGe Chemical Co., Ltd. is a preferred global partner and have been committed to the environmental protection, health and chemical materials. Relying on rich industry experience and in-depth understanding and prediction of market trends, we provide value-added services to our partners. We have independent R&D capabilities, and apply them to the production process, focusing on improvement and innovation. Our products have unique advantages in the market and enable to meet the individual needs from our partners. We have a comprehensive service system, from customization, technical solutions, material procurement, production control, logistics to after-sales service, and strive to help customers maximize the benefits of every link in the value chain. Our product line includes Products include release agent, chemical additives, color paste, paint curing agent. Application areas include PU soles, PU car carpets, wood-based panels, paper (food), metal die casting, paint and glue curing agent products, etc. Our aim is to create value for customers and contribute to society.

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Checkout the latest news and technology on release agent, chemical additives, color paste, and paint curing agent.

What is release agent?

Release agents play a vital role in molded polyurethane foam, but their selection involves balancing

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Frequently Asked Questions on water-based release agent

The main function of a release agent is to perform the critical task of preventing a material or sub

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What is PU paint?

Polyurethane paint, also referred to as PU paint or PU coating, is a durable, highly-resistant coating used in industrial and architectural coating systems.

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