Case Study Polyurethane:

Manufacturer switches to water-based release agent.


We helped one of the top automotive parts suppliers in the world shift to Huagechemical’s water-based product, creating remarkable changes. Total VOC emissions were reduced. A better, safer working environment was achieved. And due to reduced product needs, they saw a 12% reduction in costs. All without significant impact to production efficiency.


The customer was using a traditional solvent-based release agent solution. For several reasons, including sustainability and new regulations, the transition to a water-based solution became necessary. Their fears were that the shift would come at the expense of greater cost and reduced productivity.

At Huagechemical, we embraced the challenge: create a water-based solution capable of reducing VOC emissions and improving the working environment. All while maintaining total cost.

While investigating the situation to determine the best product solution, we had the opportunity to identify an application issue: they were consistently overspraying. Through hands-on training, we were able to work with them to recognize a significant reduction in release agent used.


We partnered side by side to coach the operators to properly apply the new release agent before we started the trial run. We also communicated with the process engineer to get his support to let us train the operators shift by shift. We adjusted their new equipment to better utilize the release agent. Ultimately, we helped improve their process, achieving all of their stated goals with almost no change in production efficiency.

In addition, thanks to Huagechemical’s global reach and local presence, we were able to provide training, consistency, and supply chain efficiency throughout their organization.

12% Reduction in costs due to reduced product consumption.


Reduction in costs due to reduced product consumption.

VOC EMISSIONS REDUCED With water-based product.


With water-based product.