Shoes soles paint is made of polyurethane resin and additives, which is a very important raw material for sole factory to produce sole. According to the material classification of the sole, it is divided into PU shoes soles paint, TPR shoes soles paint, PVC shoes soles paint, ABS shoes soles paint, EVA shoes soles paint and other different materials of different systems of paint coatings.


Strong adhesion, good wear resistance, high gloss, alcohol resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance and water bubble test, in line with ROHS, REACH environmental standards, when the sole factory will finish the sole production, through the sole paint and paint thinner mixed use, can achieve the sole surface wear resistance, fold resistance requirements.

HuaGe Chemical's sole paint specifications have 7 colors to choose from, and color customization is also available. We welcome all sole factory customers to come for consultation.