Applications of PU Release Agent

PU injection molding has saved countless companies time and money in many ways throughout the production process. Advantages include:

Desired Gloss: Release agents can be customized to provide a wide range of surface finishes so you can meet your customers' exact specifications.

Faster operation: When you spend less time separating product from molds and don't have to clean molds as much between applications, you lose less company time. In addition, valuable employees can spend their time on other manufacturing goals and company development instead of constantly working on mold cleaning and maintenance.

Reduced Waste: The right release agent will allow your product to separate cleaner, resulting in less damaged raw materials during your operation. No one wants to see their polyurethane products constantly damaged and discarded, which is why PU injection molding is a popular solution to common manufacturing challenges.

Longer mold life: In addition to the increased profits you already see from other benefits, PU injection molding can actually help your molds last longer without having to be replaced. They don't get cleaned as often, and the separation process isn't as rough for them because unwanted sticking doesn't occur.

Cleaner End Product: When you injection mold with PU, your end product will have less residue and a cleaner separation, which often helps with appearance and function. Customer-facing products will get better word of mouth, and no matter what specific industry you are in, it will enhance a good reputation around your company.

Our philosophy is also to work directly with customers on the production floor to best understand application dynamics to better design and formulate our products to meet each unique polyurethane molding requirement.


For the unique needs of Reaction Injection Molding, Enhanced Reaction Injection Molding, and Structural Injection Molding, WN SHAW offers well-engineered products that exhibit excellent mold release properties and allow post-mold bonding, painting, or foam backing without the need for Our customers clean or wear their parts. These properties represent considerable time and cost savings.


Urethane molders in the automotive industry are major consumers of W. N. SHAW urethane part release agents. We provide complete solutions for molders, no matter how complex their needs.

SkinDoor panel, Sprayed skin, RIM skin, Slush Molding (TPU), Arm Rests (Foam in place and In-mold coated), Barrier skin for foam backing (RIM, Open Pour)
FlexibleSound Absorbing, Carpet Backing, Air Filters (Panel/Conical), Tractor, Truck Self Skinning PU Arm Rests, & Interior Components
RigidEnergy Absorbing Foam with post mold bonding requirements, Headliners. Hoodliners, Interior Door Panels
Integral SkinSteering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
In-Mold PaintSteering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
Pre-Pigmented PUConsoles, Interiors
RIMTractor Trailer Floor Mats, Bumpers, Wheel Covers, Door Panels


RigidFlower Pots, Foam Board, Taxidermy, Floral, Architectural Decorative Parts, Glass / Wood Laminate Encapsulation, Spas, Boat Floatation, Door and Window Casings
FlexibleOffice Furniture Arm Rests, Packaging Components (Dunnage) with Self-Skinning Urethane, High-Resiliency Foam Toys, Memory Foam
Cast ElastomersSanding Disks, Seals, Tires/Wheels


PURIM, Open Pour, Unit Soles, Sandals, Dual Density RIM, Foam Inserts, Boot Soles, Direct Attach Insoles
EVAShoe sole, In-Soles, Mid-Soles, Inserts, EVA Mats