What is PU paint?

What is PU paint?

Polyurethane paint, also referred to as PU paint or PU coating, is a durable, highly-resistant coating used in industrial and architectural coating systems. It is popular in the marine industry and is used for numerous applications including coatings, rigid and flexible foams, and varnishes.

PU paint is a general term for all polyurethane paints. Its film-forming method is natural film-forming, and no special process is required. The advantage is that the paint film has strong adhesion and is both protective and decorative.


Features of PU paint

1: Chemical drying, according to the proportion.

2: Good overall performance; good hardness, good fullness, good adhesion, good durability and good hand feeling. The paint film is thin and not very hard; but its adhesion is particularly good (even wood with a high oil content of teak can be used, not to mention others); its gloss is average, it does not look very bright, and it can display the floor very well texture and color.

3: There is a certain period of use after matching.

4: PU paint is widely used in industry and construction, so the technology is mature and the color system is many, and it is easy to meet the spraying requirements. However, because it is harmful to the human body, the requirements for the spray booth and the paint booth are relatively high, and at the same time, human protection measures are required.


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The advantages of PU paint:

1) Compared with other paint types, under the same hardness, the elongation at break of PU paint film is the highest due to the effect of hydrogen bonds

, so it is widely used in floor paint, deck paint;

2) It has both protective and decorative properties, and can be used for the coating of advanced handicrafts, advanced woodware, pianos, large passenger aircraft, etc.


3) The paint film has strong adhesion. Variety of paint films (metal, wood, rubber, concrete, certain plastics, etc.

All have excellent adhesion.

4) The paint film has excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, salt, petroleum products, so it can be used for drilling platforms,

Maintenance coatings for ships and chemical plants, inner wall linings for petroleum storage tanks, etc.

5) It can be dried and cured at low temperature. The construction season can be long.

6) It can be combined with a variety of film-forming substances to make paint, and can be made into many varieties according to different requirements

Disadvantages of PU paint: It is not very environmentally friendly, and developed countries in Europe have basically eliminated it. There are restrictions on the export of products produced using pu paint.


Precautions for using PU paint:

Curing Agent: Very reactive, water sensitive. The paint can not contain water, can not use alcohol solvent. The moisture content on the substrate should not be too high. After modulation, let it stand for 15-20 minutes.

Using the wrong curing agent or the wrong amount will cause a great change in performance. You can't prepare too much at one time, and it will gel after a long time.

Drying speed is greatly affected by temperature. It will take about three weeks to completely dry at 25 degrees.

The shelf life is short. After opening, the curing agent should be sealed well and used up as soon as possible. Before fully curing, the paint adhesion will not be good, and it needs to be carefully polished. Do not use physical drying paint as a base.

Thick coats tend to blister. The ordinary type is easy to yellow, and the non-yellowing type is expensive.

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